At 57 hours, DRIVE was conceived as an installation, running on a continuous loop. It can be projected onto a screen in a theater, a wall in a gallery or room, or even outdoors onto a building. It can also of course be run on a big-screen monitor, installed anywhere. The idea is that people come and go as they please – they pick up the journey, the drive, at any point, and stay as long as they feel. Perhaps come back later. And then again, miles further. The non-narrative nature of the film, as well as its length and ever-changing dynamic, lends itself to a very personal, and fluid, interaction with its audience. They can even listen to the ambient noise soundtrack, or put on headphones and provide their own “road trip mix tape”.


In any event – and DRIVE could very well be an event – we have the technology to run the film on a loop in its entirety, regardless of the setting.



Check back soon.